Pokemon Go Gen 3 release date and Halloween 2017

Update brings MAJOR news

The Gen 3 Pokemon GO launch has been all but confirmed this morning after new evidence emerged from the games latest update.

Niantic and the Pokemon Company have been teasing Pokemon GO trainers with the prospect of a Pokemon GO Gen 3 release all month long.

First with The Pokemon Company’s website suggesting that a Pokemon Halloween 2017 event could include “new” Pokemon to catch.

And more recently last week Niantic CEO, John Hanke, confirmed that the companies next big project were not tied to the full-scale launch of Mewtwo, but rather Pokemon from Gen 3.

In a startling discovery earlier this morning, dataminers found a whole batch of new info from the latest update, which version 0.79.2 for Android and 1.49.2 for iOS.

An official Tweet from the Pokemon GO Twitter account suggested this was to “implement bug fixes.”

But that’s far from the case and if anything the new update has given trainers the clearest indication yet that Gen 3 is coming with the upcoming Halloween 2017 event.